Salt Beef Beigel – Beigel Shop, Brick Lane


Decided to venture down the other end of Brick Lane today to see what I can find that’s new to eat. Recalled seeing a kebab like shop but that turned out to be a full fledged restaurant, I might try their takeaway lunch wraps someday. Came across something that sounds familiar but spelt differently.Beigel? Shouldn’t it be Bagel? Anyway, the Hot Salt Beef neon sign lured me in.


Beigel Shop looks like a regular cafe/sandwich shop serving filled bagels and sandwich. It also has a selection of savoury pastries and cakes. The interesting thing is just next door, you have another shop Beigel Bake selling exactly the same thing! Did some research and it would seem that the 2 shops are rivals and most people seem to prefer Beigel Bake. On well, we shall see eh?


Obviously I went with the Salt Beef bagel and when asked would I like mustard, I replied sweetly, “Yes please!”. Also added a sausage roll to my order to bulk up the meal. The bagal cost £3.40 and the sausage roll was 70p, very affordable! The salt beef was warmed up slightly before being stuffed into the bagel and is nice and tender without being too salty and greasy while the mustard complimented the salt beef very well. As for the bagel, it’s chewy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Definitely better then those from supermarkets. The sausage roll was a let down. Typical limp pastry encasing pink sausage mush. The search for a good sausage roll continues…


Should I take up the challenge and have the same thing from Beigel Bake and compare the 2? I dunno… I’m not a big fan of bagels really. Perhaps when I run of places to eat.

Beigel Shop
155 Brick Lane
London E1 6SB


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