Roast Chicken Dinner – Dockland Diner, West India Dock


You must be thinking Junk is out of her mind! Why is she having dinner for lunch? Well, I can frankly admit that I can eat anything anytime of the day and I will even go as far as having curry for breakfast! Seriously though, today’s lunch is from a funny little place near my Canary Wharf and they have a limted menu. I was stuck between having their All Day Breakfast or one of their roast dinners for lunch, I went for dinner.


Dockland Diner is a typical greasy spoon which I believe might be a dying breed nowadays what with takeovers by fast food and and designer cafe chains. The joint is ran by a troop of females (I counted 5 in total) and everyone seems to know everyone which can be a tad intimidating for newbies like me. The place is rather hard to spot as it does not have the usual frontage of a food outlet with just a plain plastic sign evidence of it’s existence.


I don’t think I spotted any paper menus apart from the couple of blackboards along the interior walls. From what I gather, they serve the typical breakfast, filled jacket potato, the token lasagne, some pies and roast dinners with a choice of protein. I wanted to have the pork roast but they were freshly out and so was the lamb, no choice but roast chook it shall be. For £6, I think it’s not a bad deal, especially when the lady manning the cash register did not charge me for the ginger beer which I added to my order.


To be honest, I don’t really know how a roast dinner should taste like. The chicken was roasted with perhaps just a slight seasoning of salt and on the dry side, the single Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes taste like Aunt Bessie’s, the carrots, peas and runner beans were probably frozen and I can tell the gravy is of the Bisto variety. This roast dinner makes Crown Carvery taste like gourmet, even Furry makes a better roast!

Having said that, I think the ambiance is rather cool. Real, loud, edgy, east end. I might give their breakfast a try next time before discounting them totally.


Dockland Diner
76 Canon Drive
West India Dock
London E14 4AS
0207 515 7160


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