Hairy Bikers’ Crayfish Macaroni Cheese – Chez Boom


Do you remember when there was only terrestrial tv channels available and there are always nothing to watch? Does having cable tv with 100s of channels available solved this problem? I don’t think so especially on weekends. Most weekends, I find myself camped out in front of my tv watching marathon cooking programmes which was exactly what I did 2 weekends ago. Both Boom and I watched the entire series of the Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure and decided to give the Crayfish Macaroni Cheese recipe a try.


For once, Boom decided to follow the recipe exactly which irked me a tad. I hate what I call prescriptive cooking, totally takes the join and creativity out of the process. But since he is the one weighing, can’t complain. Ingredients include, macaroni, cheddar and Gruyere cheese, chorizo, crayfish and some brown crab meat for extra richness and other bits and pieces.


First you saute the onion and chorizo then you make a roux to which you add milk and cheese to make the sauce. Then you add the cooked macaroni to the sauce, add the breadcrumb topping and stick it into the oven. When the topping is brown and crispy and the cheese sauce is nice and bubbly, you are ready to eat!


I’m pretty happy with the results! The sauce is rich and has a strong tang from the Gruyere. The brown crab meat added another layer of complexity, the breadcrumb topping adds crunch and the bits of chorizo and crayfish provided the much needed bite. Boom being his typical greedy self wanted more crayfish while I think more paprika and cayenne would give the dish more kick.

In all, definitely worth a repeat performance.

Chez Boom
Somewhere in West London
Open 24/7
Strictly by invitation
Only for the worthy


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