Blue Cheese Burger – GBK, Canary Wharf


One of the members of my project team had his birthday yesterday and he invited the rest of the team and myself out to GBK for lunch. Seeing that i’m rarely in my Canary Wharf office and eating always help with team bonding, I gladly went along. The first time I tried GBK was when I first arrived in the UK 6 years ago (wow! time flies…). I remembered my first impression was not good, I bulked at the price they charged for a burger and you had to pay for chips and even ketchup! Since then, I have tried GBK a couple of times but never by my own free will. Today was no different I guess.

image Was pretty surprised that the big group could get a seat right smack in the middle of lunch time! I was under the impression that the GBK at Canary Wharf is always jammed packed but apparently that is only the case on Thursdays and Fridays. We did try to find GBK vouchers before we went but the online vouchers does not apply to the Canary Wharf branch. Any chance to fleece the fat banker cats eh?


Once again, I was dreading having to pay more than £10 for a burger meal. Just don’t think it’s worth it. Luckily, they had a cut down lunch menu where they serve a smaller size burger and my choice of Blue Cheese Burger with skinny fries came in at £6.95. Did not even want to fork out for a soft drink. See! I can be frugal.


Was glad I order the smaller burger. It was more than enough to fill my tum though not my appetite. The patty was cooked to medium as I requested and is tender and juicy. The blue cheese sauce was rich and creamy but did not overwhelm the taste of the burger. The skinny fries were a tad too skinny but if you add the Hei Hei salt which is normal salt with added seasoning (cumin and turmeric I think), it turned out to be quite tasty. Would I go back to GBK if I ever crave for a burger? I still don’t think so but today’s experience was the best I had so far.


Unit 24, Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5NY
0207 719 6408


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