Malaysian Curry Laksa – Momo’wich, Commercial Street


Finally pulled my finger out today and took the walk to Momo’wich to get their version of laksa. I have blogged about Momo’wich’s Beef Rendang baguette before and have always wanted to try their laksa. On their menu, they mentioned 2 versions, a chicken and a prawn version with the chicken version at 50p cheaper. But when I walked to their fridge area holding the noodle tubs, there was only one type labelled “laksa” with no mention whether it is chicken or prawn. Feels a bit like a lucky dip!

As you can see from the picture of the laksa above, the soup base certainly looks the part. The colour of the laksa broth varies from a light yellow to a bright orange and except for Asam Laksa, all have a milky consistency from the coconut milk used. But the most important thing for me is the oil floating on top of the broth. The oil is from frying the rempah, the spice paste which forms the base of most Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine. Frying the rempah releases the fragrant oils from the spices and takes away some of its rawness. The rempah is ready when the oil used for frying separates from the paste. That’s the source of the oil in a laksa broth.


Got back to the office, opened the tub and found a couple of prawns swimming in the tub. So I got the prawn version today thus the server charged me £6 which was the correct price according to the menu. Other ingredients includes a quarter of a hard boiled egg, a few slices of fish cake, rice noodles, bean sprouts and julienned carrots, cabbage and daikon. The soup base taste pretty much like a curry laksa should be, cream and spicy. Perhaps too spicy for those of you who can’t handle the chilli kick. The rice noodles were abundant and the crunch of the veggies was a nice touch. My main complain would be the prawns. Only 2 were included and they were not huge ones. For £6, I expected more prawns, even more hard boiled egg in its place would be appreciated.

Verdict: Taste wise, it’s pretty ok but don’t think it’s value for money. Keke is safe as my go-to laksa joint for the moment.


Managed to take a picture of their wall with beef rendang recipe. If you look carefully, you can also see a laksa recipe after.

75 Commerical Street
London E1 6BD
0207 377 6409


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