Piri Piri Half Chicken – Pepe’s, Brick Lane


Back in my other office at Brick Lane today and I bought along the last portion of my homemade “flied lice” for lunch. Was wondering what else I can get to add to it when one of my colleagues mentioned that the Tech Lead in my project practically camps out at Pepe’s everyday for lunch. Had to give it a try!


Pepe’s looks like one of those franchise chains serving grilled chicken like Nando’s. The other franchise I’m aware of is Barcelo’s. All 3 professes to serve grilled chicken Portugese style with Pepe’s being the cheap and cheerful version.


Decided to keep to the classics and ordered the original piri piri half chicken with a side of coleslaw. You get to decide the level of hotness you want your chicken to be. It ranges from Mild to Extra Hot but they also have Mango & Lime and Lemon & Herb for those of you who can’t take the heat. I think the chicken is partially cooked in an oven before placing on the grill after you ordered. During the grilling process is when your selected marinade is lashed on the chicken.

The half chicken was £5.99 while the coleslaw is 99p. At a total of £6.98, much more expensive than Sha Karahi’s offering but you get a bigger chicken at Pepe’s and definitely more affordable than Nando’s.


A bit worried that since the chicken was precooked, it might be dry especially the breast but I worry too much. The chicken was nicely grilled with the distinctive smoky taste and the Hot marinade I asked for was not that hot at all. The 2 sauces provided – I think one is chilli while the other is herb and garlic – when combined, made a nice additional gravy like sauce to have your chicken with.

I’m pretty happy with my meal, much tastier than Nando’s and cheaper. Might try the fried version from Pepe’s next time.

Pepe’s Piri Piri
82 – 84 Brick Lane
London E1 6RL
0207 247 3636


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