Beef Brisket with Bourbon and Apricots – Chez Boom


Back from holiday and straight back to the usual weekend schedule. The Boom and I tend to find interesting things to cook during weekends. Things that are either complicated or takes too long to cook during the weekday. Went to Waitrose on Fri and found a rolled joint of beef brisket. Whenever I see beef brisket, it tend to buy it as its not a commonly available cut, even the local butcher don’t stock it.

Decided to repeat the tried and tested recipe by Ms Graves which takes 7 hours or there about  The recipe is actually pretty simple, just bunk everything into a pot. It’s the time that’s the issue. Guess you can always use a slow cooker or leave it on the stove overnight.


Ingredients include brisket, bourbon, onion, garlic, dried apricots, beef stock, bay leaf, dried chilies  chilli powder etc. Just put everything into a pot, bring to a boil, lower heat to a simmer then leave it to bubble for up to 7 hours.


After the allocated time or when the brisket is tender, remove the brisket to be shredded by hand. Reduce the remaining stock by half, season to taste then return the shredded brisket back to the reduced stock.


To be shredded


The bourbon gives the dish a smoky and deep flavor while the dried apricots disintegrate into tiny nodules of amber sweetness. The brisket is obviously tender and moist from the long cooking and the resulting cooking stock. I never remove the fat as I think it adds extra beefiness to the meat. This is best served on a hearty bread which can soak up the juices without turning to mush and a sharp and tangy coleslaw.


If you can find brisket and wonder what you can do with the cut, do give this simple but scrumptious recipe a try.

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