*Holiday Special* McD Indulgence, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt



Its hard to deny the urge to sin, especially on holiday. Junk being one who loves to indulge herself, cannot resist. I promised you sinfulness on one of my holiday post, so I made a repeat visit so you can share in my confession.


Was reading reviews from fellow travellers to Sharm El Sheikh and was surprised McD’s was one of the higher rates eating outlets. Most commented on the portion size and I was curious. Boy! They were right! It’s like whatever they could get away doubling, they did!

The zoom in pic of the menu is rather grainy, sorry. But I’ll gladly list down the item and price. Remember, at time of writing, the exchange rate is £1 to 9.81LE.

Price for medium value meal


Double Quarter Pounder – 35LE
Double McRoyale – 37.27LE


Double Big Tasty – 38.08LE
Mega Mac – 34.54LE


On the first night, I had the Double Big Tasty which was scrumptious! 2 big thick, freshly cooked and juicy patties with lettuce, tomatoes and a rich cheese sauce. Taste as good as a proper burger from a proper burger joint. Though towards the end of the burger, the cheese sauce became too rich. For the repeat performance, went with the Mega Mac which was less endearing. Exactly like a Big Mac, just with double patties. But at the price above, can’t complain.

For those of you who are shaking their head while you read this, (I know who you are) this blog is call Junk 4 lunch after all! I never promised gourmet! But I definitely, provide volume!


Several outlets in Naama Bay
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt



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