*Holiday Special* Tuna Nicoise – Pret A Manger, Gatwick Airport


Going on holiday is always nice but not everyone can afford to travel in class, Junk included. So it’s budget airline and bring your own food for me this trip.

Options at Gatwick is not fantastic so settled for the high street chain, Pret A Manger. From the paltry selection, went for the Tuna Nicoise salad. Added an Edam cheese sandwich for bulk and some crisps for decadence. The salad was £3.99, the sandwich £1.99 and crisp was 85p. Much better value than what you can get from the plane.


The Tuna Nicoise was ok, missing the green beans which I thought is a must? The dressing could do with more tang but since I’m captive audience on the plane, can’t complain. The Edam sandwich was nice and refreshing, might be better if made with white bread. Perhaps that will bring out the contrast of the cheese and tomato better.

Hopefully, the next few blogs will be more interesting when I reach my holiday destination.

Pret A Manger
Along any decent High Street


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