*Holiday Special* Seafood Dinner- Fares, Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh


Sunday is rest day for me! After 2 days of dive class,  a full day of travel and 2 continuous days of diving, I need a break. Even God takes a break on the seventh day no? After a full day lying by the pool and taking an afternoon siesta, took a local mini van which you hail from the road side to Old Market in Sharm El Sheikh.

A couple of tips re the local “bus”, they are the mini blue vans with a white band on the bottom. There are no bus stops, you just hail it from the road, tell the driver where you want to go and hop on. Once you are on, pass the bus fare to the passenger in front who in turn will pass it forward to the driver. Fare was 1LE from Naama Bay to Old Market. When you are ready to stop, yell and the driver will stop.



After reading reviews on the interweb and upon recommendation from Sophie my dive instructor, decided to have dinner at Fares, a seafood restaurant at the Old Market. Looking at the number of locals dining, knew it’s the right choice. Splashed out and ordered the following,

Green Salad – 10LE
Chef Yellow Rice – 30LE
Mix Seafood Grill Platter – 95LE
Mix Tagine – 65LE

Together with a big bottle of water and a couple of soft drinks, total bill came up to 215LE. Around £20! Good deal!


The seafood platter was pretty good. The seafood were nicely grilled with some marinade but I suspect the prawns might have been frozen, the flesh had a slight mushy consistency typical of freeze burn. The fish fillet was nice though.


The Mix Tagine was cooked in a tangy and savory tomato sauce and makes a nice dip for the flat breads. I counted around 6 prawns, pieces of fish and squid. Recommended.


The green salad was the token greenery of the meal and was a good choice I think. Gave the meal a freshness. The big bunch of green on the side was rocket. Looks different from the UK ones and much more pungent and peppery. I suggest to sprinkle salt on the tomato slices, brings out the sweetness of the local tomatoes.


The surprise of the meal was the Chef Yellow Rice. Reading the description, thought it’s rice with bits of seafood since its only 30LE. What turned out was more than I expected! The brown rice was cooked and seasoned with parsley and spices with a hefty portion of seafood stew. The stew base taste like a seafood bisque and I bet is made with all the seafood off cuts. With about 8 big and juicy prawns, best deal of the night.


If you are ever in the vicinity, do make a trip to the restaurant. But please don’t order Fish and Chip?

Old Market
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


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