*Holiday Special* Poolside Lunch – Falcon Naama Star, Sharm El Sheikh


Finally blogging from my holiday destination! Did have dinner last night when I landed but once again, forgot to bring my tablet to take pics. Not to worry though, will definitely make a return trip to my dinner joint last night, it’s so sinful, it’s good!


After an early morning and most part of the day under water, was tired and starving when class was over. So took the lazy way out and had lunch by the hotel pool. Being a typical hotel catering to Western taste, there was no local option. So settled for the tried and tested Club Sandwich and Chicken Cesar salad. The sandwich was 38LE while the salad was 40LE. At an exchange rate of £1 to 9LE, lunch was under £10, not bad considering its hotel food.


When lunch finally arrived, started to stuff my face with chips before I remembered to take pics. Phew! Close call! The salad was nothing to wow about, the dressing could be creamier, it’s iceberg lettuce instead of the classic romaine lettuce and its standard chicken breast. The sandwich was slightly better. Instead of an omelette, they used sliced hardboiled eggs and being halah, no bacon but it does have the standard chicken breast. The cheese which was thickly sliced had the right amount of sharpness to add flavor to the sambo. Though the chips was lukewarm, (probably leftover from the lunch buffet) it’s still slightly crispy and went very well with the rich local ketchup. I thought the sambo was a much better value.

In all, it filled the spot till dive night organised by the dive school at the local English pub. Can’t wait till tomm’s lunch! Buffet on the dive boat!

Say hello to the hotel resident!


Falcon Naama Star
Naama Bay
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
+2 (069) 360 4363


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