*Holiday Special* Musing on recycling and other stuff, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

It’s funny how when you are in a different country, you noticed things you don’t often do. One of the things that fascinates me are the different and often ingenious ways people reuse daily items. This is especially prevalent in poorer countries I think.

imageThere is a construction site on the walk to the dive centre. In fact, the whole area is dotted with construction site. Massive resorts and holiday housing are left half or almost built. Apparently it’s a result of local property law, the political uprising and the economic crisis. Local property law stipulates that construction has to start but not necessarily be completed to prove ownership of the land. Investment on property has slumped both as a result of the uprising and economic crisis. Thus all the abandoned construction projects.

Back to what amused me about this particular site. The foreman of the site has a rather amazing “throne” whereby he perched daily to supervise ongoings. Its not a Herman Miller Aeron, but I bet it’s comfy!

More examples of recycling. At the dive centre, what looks to be an out of service fountain is actually used as the rising area for dive gear.

Scuba tanks needs to be regularly checked and serviced to ensure it can safely contain pressurised air. What to do with tanks that don’t make the mark?

Regular tanks becomes…


Wall decoration

It was hard to keep the hotel room cool in this heat, especially when the power to the room requires you to insert your room’s keycard. The room warms up rapidly once the keycard is removed. I was using my credit card as a substitute but thought better when I’m away for the day. On my first day back from diving, was dreading the return to a hot room when I found this!


The used portion of a SIM card. The chamberdude is great!


Today’s welcome left by the chamberdude. Other variation include a swan with a heart shape, flowers on stems and a rabbit. Too bad I only took a pic of today’s creation. Wonder is there a course in towel origami.


More pics of residents. This time those that hangs out in and around the dive centre. The resident cat.


And the pack of “guard” dogs.


Next post will be back to food as per the regular schedule.

Around Naama Bay
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


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