*Holiday Special* Last dive and lunch on The Marcus again, Emperor Divers, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Last day of diving for this holiday. In all, did a total of 4 days. 2 days to complete my course and 2 days of fun dives. As usual, we set off from Naama Bay jetty. Took a panorama view from the jetty to highlight the Sinai Mountains at the back and noticed the same police boat is in the foreground from the other day’s post! Don’t think it moved.

From a total of 3 possible dives, only did 2. Ras Bob and back to Fiddle Garden which I went on my course the other day.

Coastline of White Knight, dive site

I could have done the middle dive, White Knight to see something different but doing the 1st and 3rd dive breaks the day up better. Also might enjoy Fiddle Garden better now that I’ve passed.


Back to lunch, as usual it’s €7.50 for lunch and all you can drink beverages. Much preferred The Marcus as they are more generous with drinks on offer. Probably cos it’s the dive school’s own boat. The President III is chartered.

The buffet lunch choice today include 3 salads, a sausage stew, a potato and pea stew, fish fritters, short grain white rice, pasta and flat breads. The selection is more or less a variation of the same theme. Not sure how I’ll survive if it’s the same for liveaboard dive holiday.


I think I can now tell the difference between the cooking of The Marcus and President III, the seasoning on The Marcus is stronger and has more spice while it’s milder on President III. Might not be a bad idea for the dive schools here to have a cook off?

On board The Marcus
Emperor Dives
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


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