*Holiday Special* Diving and lunch on The Marcus, Emperor Divers, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Dive time! Well, not exactly as the Junk is technically still a student. Completed day one of my open water dive yesterday and today is day two. Today’s dive will be different as its off The Marcus, a boat as compared to the shore dive yesterday. Since I’ll be spending the entire day on the boat, lunch will be on the boat as well.


Once we left the jetty, I heard cooking noise coming from the small kitchen on board. Stuck my beak into the kitchen and one of the crew was busy cooking! There I was thinking the lunch buffet is brought on board pre-made. Have to give kudos to the ship’s crew.


Itinerary for the day is two dives, lunch then optional third dive. There is an hour surface time between each dive. According to the dive master, The Gardens is an area of reef so named as the first divers to the area reckon it reminds them of a traditional English with beds interspaced with manicured lawn and paths. The area is segregated into Far Garden, Fiddle Garden, Middle Garden and lastly, Near Garden. All very imaginatively named!


Lunch is a buffet of flat breads, hummus, a couple of salads, aubergine fried in spicy tomato sauce, veg stew, meatball stew, pasta dressed with light tomato sauce, a fritter of some sort and brown rice. Nothing fancy but fills the tum especially after diving. With all you can drink water and soft drink, cost €7.50 per head. Captive audience on board a boat I guess. Sorry, forgot to take pic of lunch. Was starving 😦

All you ladies swooning over Mr Christian and his fifty shades, I offer you an alternative. 50 shades of blue!


On board The Marcus
Emperor Dives
Naama Bay
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


One thought on “*Holiday Special* Diving and lunch on The Marcus, Emperor Divers, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

  1. Great posts 🙂 I have been in Sharm a couple of times myself. I just love Egypt, Sharm, the food and of course snorkling between amazing chorals and beautiful fisk! 🙂
    I have traveled with the Danish travel agency Atlantis Rejser, which is also recommendable.
    Cheers! 🙂


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