*Holiday Special* Diving and lunch on President III, Emperor Divers, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Third day of diving and we are on a different boat this time. The President III which I understand is a chartered boat. The layout of the boat is slightly different with more room on the sun deck for lying down. But the fixtures and fittings are old than The Marcus, the dive school’s own boat.


Today’s dive itinerary includes 3 dives again. Temple, Temple to Ras Katy and Ras Omm Sid. I only did the first 2 dives so had the opportunity to pig out on lunch (had 2 huge servings) and relaxed the rest of the day on deck.

Lunch with all you can drink beverages is still €7.50 and offering is similar to that of The Marcus. A couple of small salads, mash potato instead of hummus, veg stew, meatball stew, fried aubergine, short grain rice instead of brown, pasta in tomato sauce. Instead of fried fritter, there was a fish stew which was my fav as its mildly seasoned with dill. The first time I had something spicy since I got here as the aubergine was garnished with slices chillies. Overall, I find local cuisine to be quite mild and tame.


Overall can’t really tell the difference between the food on The Marcus and on the President III. I think the taste might have been tampered for western palate. Also not ideal to eat anything to strong tasting while diving I guess.


On board President III
Emperor Dives
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


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