Pie, Battered Sausage and Chips – Poppies, Spitalfields


Was going to Momo’wich to get their version of laksa so I can have a laksa off with the offering from Keke yesterday. But alas, the skies opened up while I walk out for lunch. Being a girl who hate to get her hair wet, took the cowardly way out and punt for the local fish and chip shop instead.


Fish Hips!

Poppies is a Fish and Chip diner located on Hanbury Street. It’s popular with the folks around the area and located beside a pub helps! The eat-in area is always jam packed especially on Fridays. I guess that goes with the Christian tradition of not having meat on Fridays. The restaurant is decorated like a 60s diner with booth seating, checkered table cloth etc. There is a takeaway counter where you can place your order from a cut down menu.



I decided to break the norm and went for a Pie and chips instead. Added a battered sausage and some mushy peas to my order. All in came up to £8.20. A meal at a fish and chip joint is not that cheap if you like to add on to your order like me! Then again, a small portion of Cod and chips is £8.50, I think I got away with more variety.


I was expecting a normal store bought Steak Pie, the filling was not outstanding but the puff pastry was excellent! Light, fluffy and crunchy went perfectly with the adequately season steak filling. The battered sausage was not too oily but could have done with a more flavorsome banger. The mushy peas was nutty and creamy and was the perfect dip for the fantastic chips. I only got salt for the chips and I find vinegar tend to make them soggy.

In all, I would have preferred a laksa but was happy nonetheless.

6-8 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QR
0207 247 0892

PS: Apparently fish and chips is healthy!


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