*Special Post* Omelette and Sausage Roll Breakfast – Bene Bene, Canary Wharf


I was starving this morning as I did not bothered to make myself breakfast last night for this morning. As I have an hours commute to work via the trusty old tube, I usually make a sambo (sandwich for those not in the know) and eat it on the tube while I read a book, newspaper etc. Anyway, tummy was rumbling and since I’m in my Canary Wharf office, decided to check out Bene Bene’s 3 egg omelette I mentioned in my previous post.

For £3.50, you get to choose 3 fillings for your omelette. Choices include ham, cheese, onion, mushrooms, red pepper etc. I went with pork sausage, cheese and tomatoes. Figured that the omelette won’t fill me up, I added a sausage roll to my order. Total came up to $4.90, yes I was hungry and splurged *shame* 😦


The volume of the breakfast hit the spot but the taste did not. I think the problem is that no milk is added to the omelette thus it’s not fluffy like a omelette should be. The cheese was close to tasteless and the huge slices of tomatoes just made the entire concoction soggy. The pork sausage was also pretty tasteless. The sausage roll was pretty vile as well. All pastry and tasteless pink pork mush.

Guess I wasted my money… Will try Kruger for breakfast next time!

Bene Bene
Canada Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AH
0207 515 0205


4 thoughts on “*Special Post* Omelette and Sausage Roll Breakfast – Bene Bene, Canary Wharf

  1. I’ve heard Kruger is also grim. There’s a good old cafe nearby to try out tho. And tomorrow is official second breakfast day… ahem, sorry, got carried away, this is clearly a lunch blog.


      • Literally over the road from the front door, red and white signage… one to check out Monday? Need to get up to Red Market, Old St for lunch sometime, street food there looks good.


      • Over the road from front door facing Cabot square? There’s nothing there apart from Starbucks? I know that area pretty well and don’t recall a cafe apart from Taylor st barista. More clues please?


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