Jungle Curry Duck Noodles – Thai & Laos Street Food, Shoreditch Boxpark



Double post today! Hungry Junk you see. So I had to travel from the Canary Wharf office to the Brick Lane office around lunch time and decided to pickup lunch from a place newly relocated to Shoreditch Boxpark. I have tried Thai & Laos Street Food when they are still a food truck at Ely’s Yard, Brick Lane. Back then, they are usually a 2 person operation, the young chap and I guess his partner you can see in the picture in the link.


Compared to the rest of the other food joint in the Boxpark, I would say the Thai & Laos Street Food’s container decor is not as funky. But the graffiti wall and the menu written on torn cardboard and simply pasted on the wall seem to work without the feeling that they are trying too hard. There are laminated menus with pictures available as well if you can’t imagine what you order from the written menu.


Apart from the young chap and his partner, Mom and Pop are on hand to help with the cooking today. Mom took the orders, Pop handled the side dish while the couple took care of the main dishes. All made fresh on order, total family affair. I asked how was business since relocating from Ely’s Yard, the answer was they were very well received. Looking at the customers at 1430, I would say it was a wise move.


So you chose a protein (veg, chook, salmon, prawn, moo, quack), a sauce and either noodles or rice. Pad Thai with a choice of protein and soup is also available. I went with Duck, Jungle Curry with noodles with a side of fried spring rolls. The main dish is £6 and the 7 small spring rolls at £2. Back to my bad habits I guess.


Taste wise, it’s good! Spicy, tangy and the crunchy veg with the rich duck breast slices was great. I enjoyed it alot especially after swimming 50 laps in 20 minutes. But is it Jungle Curry? I don’t really think so. I have had the red curry version which was more representative of what it is. If you want something tasty, it will hit the spot. But you will probably not get authenticity. Then again, it’s just lunch!

Thai & Laos Street Food
Unit 53
Shoreditch Boxpark
2-4 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6GY



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