Grilled Baby Chicken – Shahi Karahi, Brick Lane


I found this restaurant on the way to the gym. Have been intrigued by the huge grill and rotisserie at the front of the restaurant and the rotisserie is always filled with rows upon rows of baby chicken. They do have a special of half a roast chicken with chips for £3.95 but being a rice bucket, I decided to swap chips with rice. Paid a higher price but it satisfied me.


Shahi Karahi is another one of the multitude of Indian restaurant dotted along Brick Lane. Strictly speaking, it’s on Osborne Street but seeing that Osborne Street joins Brick Lane, I will not quibble. The front of the restaurant is occupied by the rotisserie, a couple of grill plates, a steam table of pre-prepared curry dishes and a fridge area for kebabs, lamb chops, chicken wings etc, all skewered and ready for the grill. There is a huge sitting area at the back of the restaurant if you would like to dine in.


I added a meat samosa to my order and all in came up to £6.50. Because I switch from rice to chips, I did not get the £3.95 deal. Looking at the menu, a portion of plain rice cost £2 while half a grilled baby chicken is £3.50 so it made sense. The meal comes with a small portion of salad and I asked for some chili sauce for the chicken and some gravy for the rice. I was very happy with the chicken. It was nicely grilled with a nice smoky and charred flavour without being dry at all, the savoury marinate was just right with the right hint of sourness from lemon juice I think. I was asked if I wanted the chicken to be spicy and obviously I said yes! Not to worry, it was not spicy at all.


Guess next time, I will save a few pence and order the version with chips.

Shahi Karahi
22 Osborne Street, Brick Lane
London E1 6TD
0203 116 2080


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