Chicken Laksa Reblog – Keke, Spitalfields


Finally, the inevitable has arrived! I’m eating something I’ve blogged about before. Gave myself several reasons for this:
1. The weather is turning cooler and it’s perfect for a warm spicy noodle
2. I intend to do a laksa off with the version from Momo’wich
3. It is one of my favourite lunch to have around the area
4. It was my first post and I did not get the chance to include pictures of the joint
Blah, blah, blah…


Darn it! It’s my mouth, I get to eat what I like with no need for excuses! So it’s Chicken Laksa from Keke in Spitalfields again today. Before I talk about the laksa, some pictures of how Keke look like. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chinese food and can’t picture how the dish will look like just by reading the menu, Keke has kindly displayed sample of some dishes in their glass display case.


Amongst the other dishes mentioned in my previous post, Keke also serves Dim Sum. The selection is not as varied as what is available in most Chinese restaurants but it gives a taster to what Dim Sum is like for those uninitiated. The steamed Dim Sums are in the steamer frame while there is also a selection of fried ones on the menu.


Back to the laksa. Unlike the last time where I asked to replace the rice noodles with egg noodles, I stuck with the rice noodles this time. As before, the gravy is creamy and not too spicy, tender chicken thigh meat is used instead of breast and with the bean sprouts and fried tofu, makes for a very satisfying meal. The price is still £5.80, no change from last time.


Can’t wait to try the version at Momo’wich for a proper laksa off!


Old Spitalfields Market
10 Horner Square
London E1 6EW
0207 375 2002


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