Meal Deal – Bene Bene, Canary Wharf


So I’m back in Canaryland today to unpack from my office move. Also have a couple of tedious meetings to attend. Was starving after swimming 40 laps so went to Bene Bene for their trusted meal deal. As you can see from the sign, you chose a bread or wrap and 2 other items in the meal deal fridge, all for £3. There are usually around 4 or 5 baguette options as well as a couple of wraps to chose from. For the other 2 items, there is a range of pasta or rice salads, fruit salads, chocolate bars, crips and drinks. I think you can either get the pasta/rice salad or the food salad, not both. As you can see from the crowd in front of the meal deal fridge, it is pretty popular.



My choice today was a Chicken Bacon and Mayo Club Sandwich, a Caprese Chicken Pasta Salad with Basil Dressing and a can of Appletiser. Looking at the price on the label, without the meal deal, the baguette cost £2.50 while the salad is £1.70. I think Appletiser cost around £0.70 which makes it a saving of £1.90? Not a bad deal!


So how does a £3 lunch taste like? It’s ok I guess, the baguette was not as crusty as I would like it to be but passable. The Caprese salad was pretty good, strong taste of basil and I do appreciate the little mozzarella balls scattered throughout. Could do with more tomato seeing it’s suppose to be a Caprese. Apart from the meal deal, Bene Bene also serves toasted paninis, jacket potatoes and a £3.50 three egg omelette with a choice of 3 fillings. I have tried the omelette from other Bene Bene outlets and it’s highly recommended.


Bene Bene
Canada Place
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AH
0207 515 0205


4 thoughts on “Meal Deal – Bene Bene, Canary Wharf

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  2. Thank you for reviewing the BENE BENE meal deal.
    I believe that you meant to say that you can’t have a pasta/rice salad and a fresh fruit salad which in fact you can,what is not allowed is a rice and pasta salad.


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