Pick & Mix Salad – Rina’s/The Food Atelier, South Quay


Back at my other office today to pack up to be moved to anohter one down the road. Then on Tues, I have to pack up at my Brick Lane office to be moved to another facility just opposite. The timing is just perfect. Anyway, seeing I’m at South Quay, thought I bid one of my regular lunches here farewell. Rina’s/The Food Atelier is a bit of a confusion. The big red sign on the facade of the shop says Rina’s while the menus, loyalty card etc all say The Food Atelier. Amongst us, we just call it The Salad Place.



Inside the shop, there are 2 cooler tables containing pre-made salads, a steam table serving hot food, a counter where you can order filled breads and jacket potates and lastly a small kitchen where you can get burgers and all day breakfasts. I went with my usual of the mix & match salad. The small box is £4 while the big box is £5. You can also combine the hot food with a side of salad for £5.95.


The salad options changes daily and I went with Tuna Pasta, Rice Salad, coleslaw, Veg Ragout, a couple of domaldes and some broccoli and jalapeno. £5 for the big box is affordable I guess. It used to be £4.50, they put the price up recently.


I’m pretty happy with my selection today. The Tuna Pasta was nice and creamy and goes very well with the crunchy rice salad. The veg ragout was surprising tasty and has a nice zingy heat throughout. The dolmades today was not great, a bit too soft and mushy. Lucky, I only got 2. No hardboiled eggs or sliced chicken breast which is a pity. Oh well, this will probably be the last time I have this so best to hold on to the good memories.

Rina’s/The Food Atelier
12 Harbour Exchange Square
Isle of Dogs
London E14 9GE
Mon – Fri 0700 – 1600


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