Southern Fried Chicken and Cheese Burger – Snackster, Junk’s Manor


It has been a busy week for me at work, yesterday was the worse with back to back meetings and ended up having a working lunch during one of the meetings. Thus no post yesterday, sorry! As I always say to Mr Saucisse, Mommy got to earn the biscuits.

Had to work from home today as the Boom and I need to take Princess and Fat Fat to get their yearly booster shot. Lunch is whatever I can wrestle up from the pantry or the fridge. There are a couple of boxes of Snackster burgers in the freezer and settle on a Southern Fried Chicken Burger and a Cheese Burger.


These are the ultimate junk food! You take them out of the freezer, stick them in the microwave, wait for a couple of minutes and viola! Taste wise, they are ok as they are but pimp them up like I did and they are pretty good. Take heed not to overcooked them as the buns tend to become chewy otherwise.


I added sliced tomatoes and ketchup to the Cheese Burger and some mayo and rocket to the Southern Fried chicken one. As you can see from the box holding the burgers, there are £1 for 2. So I’m having a £1 lunch, bargain!


Junk’s Manor
Somewhere in West London
Open Mon – Sun 0000 – 2359
Strictly by invitation
No dinner party plans as yet


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