Curry Chicken – Chez Boom


If you’ve been following my fledging blog, you would realise that I do spend quite a bit for lunch. Not being a fat cat banker, I do need to tighten my belt sometimes. Also, I’ve been promising an austerity lunch for a while. So today, it’s leftovers for lunch with some additions.


Potato Bread

Last week, the Boom decided to make some bread, something he never had luck with. Finally he managed to make something decent and so I offered to make curry chicken so we can dip the bread he so lovingly made. According to him, the recipe from the Hairy Bikers is very trusty and consistent. Blame Boom if it didn’t work for you! I’m glad to say that for once, Boom’s bread tastes like bread! Crusty on the outside, Soft and fluffy on the inside. Nothing goes better with chicken curry then crusty bread with a slab of butter. Ok, white fluffy rice does the trick as well!


I’ve been trying to replicate the curry chicken that my Mom used to make but somehow, there is a “something something” that always eludes me. Does not help that I don’t use precise measurements when I cook, then again my Mom don’t measure as well! On to my chicken curry, the list of ingredients include, shallots, fresh and dried chillies, ginger, lemongrass, curry powder, cardamom pods, coconut milk, spuds and a whole chicken cut into pieces.


Don’t know why, but curries tend to taste better the next day after cooking so Boom and I ate most of it the next day after I cooked it but there was still some leftovers. So I’m having it for lunch today. Coupled the curry with Tilda’s Mushroom Rice and a small bag of mix veg from Tesco. Curry Chicken was from leftover so basically free, the mushroom rice was languishing in my pantry so free as well. The only thing I paid for was the mix veg bag from Tesco. It was 2 for £2.50 so £1.25 each. In all, not a bad lunch I’d say!


Chez Boom
Somewhere in West London
Mon-Sun 24 hours
Only for the worthy
Strictly by invitation 🙂


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