Beef Rendang Baguette and Gado-gado – Momo’wich, Commercial Street


Today’s shop Momo’wich caught the corner of my eye when I went to Mama Thai with Mr CSS a couple of weeks ago. With a “wich” in it’s name, I was expecting a regular sandwich shop but was pleasantly surprised when I went hunting for it on the interweb. With a byline of “Pan-asian bites”, it serves rice, noodles, salads, wraps as well as filled baguettes.

Momo’wich is located along Commercial Street and looks to be rather new. It is quite spacious on the inside with a small steamer table with dishes ready to be doled out and a fridge area where you can find drinks, salads and soup noodle containers. Guess it is like other places where you pickup a soup noodle container and get it top up with soup at the steam table counter. There are a couple of long tables and benches where you can eat in. I especially like the fact that a beef rendang recipe is artistically written on the wall as decoration.


There are 2 versions of the menu, not sure whether there is difference. I think the one on the blackboard accurately reflects what is available on the day. Can you spot a difference?


Momo’wich’s website also give you the option to order delivery or collection. I think there is a minimum order of £15 for delivery but if you order to collect, they give you a 5% discount off your total bill. I decided to go with the Gado-gado which is a Indonesian salad and a Beef Rendang Baguette. The Gado-gado was £3.95 while the Beef Rendang Baguette was £4.25. With the 5% collection discount, total came up to £7.79. Not a bad deal for the quantity.


The Gado-gado consist of pieces of fried tofu, green beans, bean sprouts, shredded carrot and cabbage, a hard boiled egg and boiled baby potatoes all topped off with a spicy peanut sauce. I feel that the balance between the quantity of fried tofu and the veg is wrong, there should be more tofu and less of veg. Also, would have liked the peanut sauce to be more grainy, i.e. more solid pieces of peanuts. Ok, I’m being fussy, overall I liked it.


As for the Beef Rendang Baguette, it’s filled with pickled shredded carrot and cabbage, slices of cucumber and springs of coriander. All stuffed in a wholemeal crusty baguette. Imagine a Banh mi, I think this is what it’s trying to emulate. The beef rendang was tender and juicy and taste ok. But somehow, something is missing. Pandan leaf perhaps? Then again there are various styles of rendang and for what is was, it’s pretty tasty. I still prefer my rendang on rice.

Noticed they also serve a curry laksa! Perhaps I will do a Laksa Off and compare Momo’wich versions with KeKe’s version.

75 Commercial Street
London E1 6BD
0207 377 6409


4 thoughts on “Beef Rendang Baguette and Gado-gado – Momo’wich, Commercial Street

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