Wing Yip Superstore – Edgware Road, Cricklewood


For once, I thought I write a post not directly food related. I have been getting comments from friends that all I write about is food. Duh! This blog is about what I eat for lunch after all. Also got a request from a fellow blogger asking for pictures of instant noodle aisles. Hans, this one is for you! Lastly, thought it might be nice for my family in Singapore to see where I do my Asian shopping.

The Wing Yip in Cricklewood was Boom and my regular Asian supermarket outing after the nearby Oriental City got redeveloped. It is not as good as Oriental City was as it does not have a food court. But the Reindeer Cafe in the complex itself satisfy the craving somewhat.


Apart from Reindeer Cafe, there is another restaurant and a couple of shops. One selling Chinese bric-a-brac and another selling catering equipment. The layout is like a typical supermarket. Frozen food section, a live fish counter selling fish, crabs, lobster and the likes. A huge selection of Asian groceries and a small area at the end of the market area selling fresh veg. There is also a warehouse like area containing more wholesale products. I guess that area is for Asian restaurant owners.


Finally, the picture Hans has been waiting for! The instant noodle aisle! The selection here is pretty good and the brand and variety changes pretty regularly. I always managed to find new ones whenever I shop here. The final price of my splurge this trip was £101+, not too bad for a close to full shopping trolley.


Wing Yip
395 Edgware Road
London NW2 6LN
0208 450 0422
Monday to Saturday: 0930 – 2000
Sundays:1130 – 1730
(Open daily except Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day)


3 thoughts on “Wing Yip Superstore – Edgware Road, Cricklewood

    • Not too sure whether I’ll be up to it. Sourcing the noodles is fine, it’s the price comparison between the noodles and the freight cost that is the issue. The last time I sent, the freight ended up to be 3 times what the noodles are worth!

      If I can find a cheaper mode of transport, I might consider it. Do you know of any?


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