Raclette Sandwich with chips – Androuet, Old Spitalfields Market


My plans for lunch today was usurped by what I think is a mindless request not to take pics of their stall. I was hoping to get a falafel from Pilpel, one of the stalls in Old Spitalfields Market but was told by one of the servers not to take pictures! So I grumbled to one of my fellow customers in the queue saying how can I write a good review if pics are not allowed? I think the bewildered and bemused look on his face shows that he agrees with my sentiment.


So I’m left with figuring out a Plan B. Walked further along the market and noticed Androuet has a lunch takeaway menu. So thought why not? Give it a go. This one is for you Boom, the self proclaimed Big Cheese!


Androuet takes up 2 units in the Old Spitalfields Market. One unit houses the restaurant, while the other unit is the walk in cheese shop. The restaurant’s menu is not extensive but I think interesting. I’m definitely keen to give the fondue and raclette a try when the weather turn cooler. *Boom! Are you going to get all cheesed out like the last time?


The cheese shop though small, is well laid out with a range of soft and hard cheeses, breads, charcuterie and cheese related implements. The cheeses are nicely labelled with information like where the cheese originated from, the strength of it tastes and of cos, price.


Looking at takeaway menu, I was torn between several of the options. They all sound pretty good! Finally put my foot down and went for the Raclette Sandwich with a side of Chunky Chips. The sandwich is a very reasonable £4 while the chips are £2. Not a bad lunch for £6!


I felt a bit sheepish when I opened the sandwich back at the office. The waft of rich, earthly, cheesy smell turned a few heads! The bacon, sauteed onions and mushroom blended very well with the raclette. The crunchiness of the baguette countered the richness of the cheese while the I was lucky to get my hands on some ketchup to go with the chunky chips. Really appreciated how neatly the chips were packed. I think it shows that the chef cares? In all, I really enjoyed lunch today. Oh hindsight, glad I was refused at Pilpel.

Old Spitalfields Market
107B Commercial Street
London E1 6BG
0207 375 3168


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