Pre shopping lunch – Reindeer Cafe, Wing Yip, Cricklewood


The weekend past, I decided to make a trip to Wing Yip on Edgware Road as I was running low on Asian groceries and I got a request from a fellow blogger which I will fulfill in another post. Not sure whether it happens to anyone else, but I know if I grocery shop on an empty stomach, I tend to end up buying more than I need! So decided to have some lunch at Reindeer Cafe which is located next to the supermarket area.


Like many typical Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, the roast meats are hung in the glass showcase. Look at all the shiny and gleaming roast duck! Within the cafe, there is also a small bakery area selling both savoury and sweet confectionary. I think the highlight of lunch for Furry was the slice of fresh cream cake he bought as dessert.


The extensive menu though not as large as some of the other Chinese restaurants can still be daunting. I guess the first decision to make is whether you are happy with a dish/carb combi for yourself versus order a number of dishes to share. From a cost perspective, my recommendation would be if you have a party of more than 3, it make sense to order dishes to share. But if there are only 2 of you, you might be better off ordering a dish/carb combi each and sharing that instead.


Despite my own advice, I decided to order the 3 Roast Meat plate, Stir Fry Morning Glory with garlic and a Prawn Dumpling Soup to share. The Prawn Dumpling Soup came a bit later so no pics of it, sorry! For the 3 Roast Meat, I went with Soya Sauce Chicken, Honey Roast Pork and Crispy Pork Belly as Furry was not into duck. I was looking forward to the Soya Sauce Chicken as it has been a long time since I had it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed 😦 The Soya Sauce Chicken was not braised enough. The sauce barely penetrated the skin of the chicken. I was expecting a deep, rich soya sauce flavour through the skin and into the flesh. Think I can do a better job myself. Even when the portion given was the drumstick (most Chinese love the drumstick) did not save the dish. The Crispy Pork Belly was adequate with the expected crackling while the Honey Roast Pork was too tough and sinewy. Furry nearly choked on a piece!

The Stir Fry Morning Glory was nicely done but I tend to prefer when it’s stir fried with Sambal Belacan. The highlight of lunch was the Prawn Dumpling Soup. The dumplings were filled with generous pieces of prawns, bamboo shoot and shredded dark fungus. The bouncy prawns combined with the crunchy bamboo shoot and fungus is an enjoyable mouthful sensation. Don’t attempt to drink all the soup though! It’s laden with MSG and made us thirsty the entire day.

Back to going against my own advice. If I was to order 2 dish/carb combi which I think is around £7 each, the Prawn Dumpling Soup and Morning Glory are also around £7 each. That will only be £28. Then you add in the drinks, that will still be under £35? Not too sure what happened but the bill came up to £42+ and service is not included. Unfortunately, the bill was not itemised and I did not bother to query it. Well, at least now I know what not to do in future.

Reindeer Cafe
395 Edgware Road
London NW2 6LN
0208 450 2333


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