Meat Biryani and Samosas – Amar Gaon, Bricklane


I was actually craving for something bready today and recall there is a afrikaan braai restaurant that serves burger and sandwiches filled with braai meat. But when I got there, the restaurant was closed. Another time then. So while looking for Plan B, I came across this shop that had great looking samosas on display and Meat Biryani is today’s special so thought why not, try it!


Amar Gaon is one of a few shops along Brick Lane that is like a cafe and sweet shop. But unlike the others like Ambala, it has quite a spacious eat in area and also serve a few savoury dishes.


The menu on the front of the shop does not give non speakers like me much clue as to what is on offer. Luckily, there is a English translated menu on the wall above the cash register which helps a bit. After seeing the menu, I regretted ordering Meat Biryani, could have gone for the Beef Cina or Curry Chicken. Oh well, there is always another time.


I was pretty skeptical when the nice kind uncle at the shop dole out my biryani. It’s looks too uniformly yellow and a tad dry. I took a punt and asked the uncle for some Chicken Curry gravy which he graciously oblighed. He also asked whether I would like a hard boiled egg that is cooked with the biryani, of course I said yes! Added a meat and a veg samosa as sides to my order as well. Based on the menu on the wall, the Meat Biryani is £4.99 while the samosas are £1.25 each. The uncle only charged me £7 which I thought was quite a good deal.


My fear that the biryani will be dry and tasteless was twarted. The rice was not dry at all, have just the correct level of oil in it and each grain of rice is nicely separated. Cardamon pods, cumin seeds and coriander was scattered throughout the rice and gives it a nice zing. The meat (mutton I think) was also not dry but could be more tender. Beware while chewing though, some of the meat pieces are still on the bone. Look at the size of those samosas! They dwarfed the biryani when plated out! The pastry is crispy and flaky, I definitely prefer the meat samosa which is filled with mince lamb, peas and a mixture of herbs and spices. In all, a very satisfying and tasty lunch!

Amar Gaon
50 Brick Lane
London E1 6RF
0207 377 6688


3 thoughts on “Meat Biryani and Samosas – Amar Gaon, Bricklane

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