Spicy Luxe Dog – The Luxe, Spitalfields


Some colleagues and I went to The Luxe last Thursday for lunch and we had a good time. The menu was extensive, food was tasty and service was prompt and friendly. Noticed that they have a takeaway service so thought I give it a go for lunch today.


The takeaway lunch menu consists of mainly burgers and hot dogs. I went with the Spicy Luxe Dog with a side of chips. The dog was £4.50 and chips was £2.25. Not that cheap but was not expecting it to be. To order, you walk up to the side of the both where there is a cash register (or look for the Order Here sign), place your order and move to the other side of the booth while your order is being prepared.


On the menu, the Spicy Luxe Dog should have cheese, jalapeno and Luxe sauce. Where is the jalapeno? I feel cheated. The hot dog bun is griddled with the cheese inside to melt it. Could definitely do with more cheese. There is a sprinkling of chilli flakes on the cheese but that is far from the spicy I was expecting. The hot dog is a normal frankfurter style dog so nothing much to wow about. It’s split in half to facilitate the grilling which ruined the snap of the dog. As for the Luxe sauce, it’s nothing but just Heinz ketchup. Disappointing. The saving grace was the chips. I was a bit wary as the chip has been resting under a heated lamp for God knows how long and I was expecting it to be soggy and nasty. They turned out much better than expected, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.


Overall, a rather lacklustre lunch, seeing I really enjoyed my sit down lunch last week. Also, I think they cater to those who eat on site rather than proper takeaway back to office. There are no paper bags or proper container to speak of. I had to juggle a cup of chips with no cover and a hot dog wrapped with paper (curiously, the wax paper belongs to Smith of Smithfield!) together with my tablet and wallet on the walk back to office. Verdict: you are better off having a sit down meal at The Luxe. Or go for the Polish Sausage Baguette at Cafe 1001 if you are craving for a banger.

The Luxe
109 Commercial Street
London E1 6BY
0207 101 1751


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