Massaman Beef Curry and Green Chicken Curry – Mama Thai


I have just died and gone to heaven! Ok ok, at least that’s how it feels like after today’s lunch. So I managed to drag Mr CSS to Mama Thai for lunch today and we made it a point to go later to avoid the long queue I saw the last time I walk by the shop.


When we got there, though the queue is not too bad but it’s surprising as it’s almost two o’clock. The queue, the smell, the various options in the 2 steam tables all had me buzzing with excitement and anticipation. So much so that Mr CSS complaint I paid no attention to what he was telling me though I’m usually very attentive! Sorry, food addict in the zone you see…


How can I not be excited when there is a separate condiments area where you can load up on pickled chillies, dried crush chilli sauce and various other sauces when you eat in? Most places are not trusting enough to allow their customers to help themselves to condiments.


The menu shown on the window of Mama Thai merely gives an indication of what’s available. The menu on the top wall in the shop provides more detail but surprisingly, no price? Prices are only shown for some of the snacks and starters. According to their website, apparently Mama Thai used to be in the Old Spitalfields Market but since has relocated to their own premise. They are open Mon-Fri, only from 1130 – 1530hrs. Guess they strictly cater to the office lunch crowd.


I decided to start with the basics of Beef Massaman curry and Thai Green Chicken curry. I think you can have noodles as your carb but I went for steam rice. The portion was more than generous as you can see when laid out on a big dinner plate. The beef was nice and tender with chunks of potatoes and sprigs of coriander. The green curry was also pretty good though its missing the basil that is usually present in green curries. If you are wondering are the curries those that will leave you with a ring of fire, worry not. They are both flavorful but not at all hot. I did ask for some pickled chillies that are already prepacked in a small plastic container. Lucky I did as the tartness of the pickled chilli complemented both curries very well. All this for £5! Bargain!

Mr CSS got the exact same order as me so I did not bother to take a pic of his portion. Great minds think alike! Would I go back to Mama Thai again? I definitely will!

Mama Thai
10 Toynbee Street
London E1 7NE
Mon – Fri 1130-1530

p/s: Sorry for the blurry pictures, I was quivering with excitement! Really need to get my addiction in check!


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