Scrumpy Pork Roast Roll – Turner & Roast, Ely’s Yard



Usually I don’t really crave for bready stuff for lunch. Ok, I might sometimes yearn for a baguette due to the crunchy crust but not normally a sandwich. I guess sandwiches got lucky yesterday! Next to The Orange Buffalo truck in Ely’s Yard at the Truman Breweries compound off Brick Lane, there is another truck that sells hot filled rolls. So I thought I give it a try.


Looking at the truck, you can’t really tell what it’s called. After some research on the interweb, found out that it’s called Turner & Roast. There were some pics online where the trucks name was shown at the bottom where the horizontal blackboard is. Not the best for marketing, hiding your name like this! Tsk tsk…











So it would seem they offer both pies and filled rolls. I think the pies are on consignment seeing its Tom’s Pie from Devon. The stall is simply kitted out. A few steam trays holding shredded roast meats, a basket with white or brown rolls, some condiments, another basket with a bags of crisps and a selection of condiments. That’s it! I went with the Scrumpy Pork Roast roll on brown bread. At £4.50, not that cheap really.


Being the typical me, I won’t let myself get away with a one course lunch! So I topped up the sandwich with a pick and choose salad from the office’s cafe. Since the office cafe is not accessible to the public, it’s not fair to say too much. Don’t want you folks wanting but not getting you see. Back to the filled roll. I got the chap who made my roll to suggest what condiments I should have? He said for the pork, I should have done apple sauce, mustard and sliced pickled onion. I went with the expert opinion.

The shredded pork roast filling was juicy and the texture reminds me of pulled pork. The combination of mustard, apple sauce and sliced pickled onion was great! Slightly but mustard with sweet apple and tartness of the pickled onion was the perfect match for the pork. The brown bread was ok. Could do with a crunchy crust.

In all, it was an ok lunch taste wise and with the office salad, I could not move after. Trust me!

Turner & Roast
Ely’s Yard
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
07946 657056



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