Meat Masala Dosa – Dosa World, off Brick Lane


Today’s lunch brings me back to my childhood. My Dad can be pretty vain sometimes and takes pride in keeping his head of wavy hair neat. Whenever he visits the barber on Sundays, he will bring lunch back for us. He loves Indian food so it will often be biryani, curries and pretty often thosai or dosa as its spelt here in the UK. I guess my Dad is the source of my love for Indian food.


Dosa World is on Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane. It’s kind of difficult to spot this little restaurant if you are just walking along the famous curry street. I’m lucky to have a rooftop decking area in my office and that’s how I found this place.


The menu at this restaurant features some typical Indian restaurant dishes as well as some not so common ones. Obviously, dosa and its variant is well represented. Being the typical greedy me, I over ordered selecting the Meat Masala Dosa with Spinach Vada on the side. The Meat Masala Dosa cost £5.99 while the Spinach Vada is £1.49 which takes today’s lunch to £7.48. Really need to do an austerity lunch one of these days!


I think every order of dosa will come with the 2 chutneys. Not sure whether the sambar comes with the vada or with the dosa. The white coconut chutney was mild, milky and savory while the orange one which I think is made with capsicum is more spicy with a slightly sweet after taste. The sambar is a welcome relief as the vada was very dry, by soaking it in the sambar, you avoid the sensation of eating Weetabix with no milk!


The dosa is filled with a mixture of chickpeas, crushed potatoes, minced meat with various herbs and spices. I enjoyed it a lot. The pancake was not too dry and of the right thickness. The moist filling complimented it perfectly. In fact, you could eat it as is without the chutney and sambar.

There is a special lunch thali which looks tempting and I’ll be sure to post when I have it in future.

Dosa World
46 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JL
0207 377 0344


3 thoughts on “Meat Masala Dosa – Dosa World, off Brick Lane

  1. A solid review and enough to tempt me and a colleague to make the effort to walk there for lunch. I had the Chicken Madras and the Northerner had the Chilli Paneer. We took away and it was nice and quick – an essential for a City lunch. Madras was spicey but light at the same time. The chilli paneer perhaps could have been spicier but the Northerner loved the paratha. All in all well worth a visit.


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