Buffalo Wings with chunky chips – The Orange Buffalo


My lunch today was almost free! Well, I decided to reinvest my winnings from my National Lottery bingo scratch card for another and won double
so I had £6 to spend. Still remembered the discussion between the Boom and I awhile back re peebs who plays the lottery regular has lost hope in life. Perhaps I’m becoming one of those peebs 😦 But then again, can’t complain about a free lunch!


It's a double winner!

The Orange Buffalo is a food truck parked within the Truman Brewery compound. In fact, it’s just down the alley from Cafe 1001 where I had the polish sausage baguette. The joint is still rather new I think, I tried it once a couple of months back and the owner told me they were only ten days old then. The only buffalo wings I’ve tried are those from themed American restaurants so I might not have the best reference point but hack, I’ll give it a go anyways.


For lunch, they have a combo deal of 8 wings with choice of chunky chips/onion rings and coleslaw/blue cheese dip and celery. With a can of drink will set you back £6.50. Not a bad deal really considering outside of the deal, 8 wings with blue cheese dip and celery will cost you £5.50 with chunky chips as a side for another £2. Ok ok, I had to fork out 50p from my own pocket, see the lengths I go to please you folks 😉


Cute sticker

Where are the wings? They are still in the box obviously. I wanted to show the sticker affixed on the box you see, thought it was a nice touch. Another nice thing is they provide wet wipes, handy for those messy fingers. I went with the Dandelion and Burdock, something different for a change.


I wanted to have coleslaw but they don’t have it today so had to settle for the blue cheese dip with celery sticks. Will start with the chunky chips. They are not really that chunky but taste pretty good especially with the chip spice which you can sprinkle as much as you want at the stall. The blue cheese dip can be cheesier, the celery sticks is just what it is.

On to the star attraction. There are 2 options when it comes to the sauce. Original or Woof Woof with the canine one being the hotter option. Obviously I went with Woof Woof which I did not regret. The sauce was tangy, spicy and left a slight burn on my lips. One complain I have are the wings are pretty “skinny”, I would have preferred fatter ones so there is a better balance between skin and flesh. Also, I’m greedy! Perhaps it’s because they are from free range chickens? All the flapping around thus no bingo wings?

In all, I enjoyed the wings. Definitely not as hot as those on Man v Food, the fact that it caused some burn on my lips will probably mean it’s going to be too much to handle for others. So be warned!

The Orange Buffalo
Ely’s Yard, Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL


3 thoughts on “Buffalo Wings with chunky chips – The Orange Buffalo

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