Ackee Saltfish with Rice and Peas – Caribbean Cafe, Old Spitalfields Market


I’ve tried Caribbean Cafe a couple of times at the Old Spitalfields Market before and have always went for the Mutton Curry. Can’t resist mutton especially when you don’t get it often elsewhere. But the Ackee Saltfish was highly recommended by Mr CSS so I decided to give it a go.

Who is that on the left I wonder?

With a name like Caribbean Cafe, it’s obvious what cuisine they serve. You select from a range of dishes like Jerk Chicken, Curried Chicken, Oxtail with Butterbeans, Stew Beef etc. All dishes are served with either plain rice or rice and peas with a small side salad. Cost range from £5.50 to £6. Portion is generous, don’t be fooled by the small box, they really pack it in. There are also some side dishes but I’ve yet to try any of them. I might give the Mac & Cheese a go one of these days. Both Mr CSS and I got the Ackee Saltfish at £6.

I have absolutely no idea what ackee is so checked it in the trusty old Wikipedia. How did we get by pre Wiki? I have no idea. Apparently ackee is related to longan and lychee! I’m very familiar with both fruits having grown up eating them. You can find lychee in the UK now but the longan is more rare. Also, Ackee and Saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica! Another piece of knowledge thanks to Wiki.


I was expecting the Ackee Saltfish will be stronger in taste but it was not. It’s quite mild with a slight fruity tinge from the ackee. The salt cod has broken up into small pieces but when you do get a bite, the saltiness comes through. I think the ackee is the yellow pulp in the dish but it’s difficult to isolate a pieces as its mixed in with onion, tomatoes and peppers. In all, it’s not too bad but I still prefer the Mutton Curry.

Caribbean Cafe
Old Spitalfields Market
Commercial St
E1 6BG


2 thoughts on “Ackee Saltfish with Rice and Peas – Caribbean Cafe, Old Spitalfields Market

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