Cabbage and Cheese Pie – Chez Boom Takeaway

Cabbage PieI don’t think it is illegal to write about my lunch today last night, as long as I stick to what I eat. Perhaps more to get it out of the way. Once its written, I’m committed and I’ll have to eat it!

So the Boom decided to replicate his Mom’s cabbage and cheese pie this weekend and I ended up with a couple of slices. Ok, I instigated it, I did like Em’s pie quite a lot.

I do understand Mr CSS’s
sentiment that spending close to, or more than £7 per lunch is not sustainable in the long run. Not that we can’t afford it, but it just lunch! I did use to bring in leftovers etc before but somehow, lost the urge to cook on weekdays. Most nights I end up with snacks for dinner.

Cabbage Pie Plated

Clockwise from top left. Bisto reconstituted, Rainbow Salad, Calamari, Cabbage Pie with gravy

Wanted to have an austerity lunch but I lost my resolve. Managed to get a couple of supplements from M&S. So on offer is: 2 slices of cabbage pie from Chez Boom, Bisto with bits (dried chili flakes and Knorr chicken powder) wrapped in cling film which will be reconstituted into a gravy, Rainbow Vegetable Salad with Honey and Lime Dressing and Chargrilled Calamari with a Red Pepper & Cracked Black Pepper Seasoning from M&S. Phew! That’s a mouthful!

The pie turned out pretty good I have to say (I did helped), but quite different from Em’s. I think the addition of Polish smoked bacon bits and hardboiled egg halves makes it a bit more luxurious. The Boom was worried that it would not be cheesy enough. I thought it’s fine the way it is. Perhaps for next time, pack the cabbage tighter when filling the pie. Also, I think breadcrumb topping is a waste of time. It has totally lost it’s crunchiness.

I enjoyed the Rainbow Vegetable Salad a lot. The dressing is light and tangy and brings freshness when combined with the pie. The calamari is not so good today. It usually has a more smokey taste. Well, have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch today. Thanks Boom!

p/s: Sorry, no address. I’m sure Boom don’t want to be mugged again!


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