Chicken Biryani – Al-Badar Fried Chicken & Curry Restaurant

Al-Badar Chicken Biryani all packed up

Sorry for the lighting. The brown sludge at the bottom of the tray is the saag dahl.

Curry curry everywhere but so few I can have for lunch! That’s the problem with Brick Lane, it’s lined with endless curry restaurants but not many of them do takeaways. Even those that do, they will mainly be wraps. I’m not against a sit down lunch just that you need to find a lunch buddy and majority of those I work with eat their lunch at their desk. Is it a British thing? Care to comment? There is also a question of cost. Most of the curry restaurants offer a set menu with starter, main cost and sundries from £5.95 and upwards. But once you factor in the drinks and service, you will not get away with less than £10. Let along the time you need to consume… I rest my case.

Al-Badar Fried Chicken & Curry Restaurant is one of a few that caters to takeaway customers. They do have seats but max I would say, they will cater to perhaps 15 covers at a time? The joint occupies 2 units along Brick Lane with the left hand unit catering to fried chicken fans while the other cater to curry fans.

Al-Badar SpecialsThey have quite a few specials and starting from £3.20 to max of £5.20, how can you beat that! I went for the Chicken Briyani with a can drink deal today. On the curry side of the business, there is a steamer table which I don’t think is heated. You make your order and they will warm up what you would like in big ovens behind the steamer table. If you eat in, your meal will come with a small plate of salad (just a few slices of onion, tomates and cucumber). No such luck if you order takeway though.

Ambala Sweet and SavouriesI was greedy today so apart from the Chicken Biryani, I also got some aubergine and stuffed green chili pakora from Ambala. Ambala is a Asian Confectioner selling both sweet and savoury snacks. I will blog about Ambala in more detail in the future.

Al-Badar Chicken Biryani Plated

Clockwise from top: Aubergine Pakora, Green Chili Pakora, Chicken Biryani, Saag Dahl

Back to the biryani. It is ok for what it is. The chicken pieces are nice and tender and there are fried onions and tomatoes scattered throughout the rice. Some biryani can be too oily but this one is just right. If there was a gripe, it would be that it is too dry. I asked for some saag dahl on the side (at no charge) which helped a bit. Also, I feel it can do with more spices? More cardamon and cumin perhaps? Anyway, not as if I have that many takeaway curry options in Brick Lane, this will have to do!

Al-Badar Fried Chicken & Curry Restaurant
37-39 Brick Lane
London E1 6PU
0207 377 0496


3 thoughts on “Chicken Biryani – Al-Badar Fried Chicken & Curry Restaurant

  1. a little tip never buy curry from a fried chicken shop because they use the chicken that not sold and cover it in spices you might have a sore tummy tomorrow but ambala it top quality the white milky sweets are pretty good as well. ps i lived with an indian woman for ten years i know curry very well ;-p


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