The Purist Burger – Bukowski, Shoreditch Boxpark

Bukowski Burger & ChipsDunno why, but I find it hard to feel excited about burgers. In fact come to think of it, I believe there are only a couple of occasions in my entire life (well, so far) that I craved for a burger. But since I’ve had comments saying that I should blog about other stuff apart from noodles, I decided to give the burger at Bukowsi a try.

Bukowski Exterior

Oops, not only a foot! The whole of moi!

Bukowsi is another food joint in Shoreditch Boxpark and their burgers are cooked in a Josper which is an enclosed charcoal fired oven grill.

Bukowski burger of the monthApart from burgers, the menu has a few other items but the main focus are burgers. Looking at their menu, they seem to have a monthly burger special. For August, it’s The Ruben which though tempting, at £9.50 is a bit of a stretch for me! I ended up with The Purist with extra topping of smoked streaky bacon. Total bill came up to £10 which includes a normal portion of chips and a Pellegrino

Bukowski burger with top offApart from the extra bacon I’ve asked for, the burger comes with oven dried tomatoes, lettuce, pickled gherkin and mayo. I asked for the burger to be cooked medium but I think it’s a bit overdone. Nonetheless,the pattie is juicy and taste like a proper burger should. The bun is nice and soft but not too soft that it cannot support the filling. The chips are supposedly triple cooked and fried in beef dripping. Perhaps because I got them to go, they lost a bit of their crunch. The tomato sauce provided is one of those “posh” ones, not your standard Heinz job and goes great with the chips. The same can’t be said about the mayo though. It has some black bits in it which I assume is pepper but somehow, its way too salty

Overall, it was a nice experience and I would go back for another if I ever craved for a proper burger. I think that will be far away in the future!

Unit 61 Boxpark
4-6 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6GY
0207 033 6601
Mon – Sat 1200 – 2000
Late Thurs open until 2200
Sun 1200 – 1800

p/s: I was really reluctant to blog this place, sounds too close for comfort. If you are reading…



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