Roast Duck Noodles – Tao Peking, Ruislip

Tao Peking, RuislipTao Peking is the only Chinese Restaurant on Ruslip High St. The other Chinese outlet is purely a takeaway operation. Tao Peking also provides takeaway and delivery apart from serving lunch, dinner and a ala carte all you can eat buffet. What sets Tao Peking apart from other Chinese restaurants in the area is that is has a regular Chinese Elvis performance with a set dinner menu followed by disco. I know, its cheesy but I think it’s pretty popular especially around the Xmas period.

Tao Peking, Ruislip

Mirror Ball for Chinese Elvis?

Chinese Elvis

Red Suede Shoes perhaps?

Tao Peking Lunch Deal








For lunch, Tao Peking offers a choice of set meals for £4.99. The option includes a rice bento, a stir fry noodle or a soup noodle with a choice of protein. All options comes with prawn crackers and a portion of fruit. I went for the Roast Duck with Egg Noodle Soup.

Roast Duck Noodles

The portion of the roast duck included is generous but nothing special. The egg noodle was well cooked, not soggy and in a clump. The soup is a mild chicken broth and other condiments includes Chinese Leaf and spring onion. Overall, it’s satisfying but really nothing special and that’s what the problem is.

The Boom and I had a discussion during lunch about the lack of quality Asian food in this part of London. Every Asian restaurant and takeaway serve the same old stuff! Sweet and Sour Chicken, Singapore Fried Noodle (there is no such dish in Singapore!), Beef with Black Bean Sauce… boring boring boring! It’s not so bad if they are cooked well, but most of the time, they are just thrown together with thick and gloopy sauce laden with MSG.

So what is the cause of this dire situation? Is it because this part of London does not have a huge Asian population and there is no demand for proper Asian food? Or is it because that’s what the majority Caucasian population demands when it comes to Asian food? Whenever a new Asian restaurant opens or we receive a new Asian takeaway flyer, we get really excited but keep getting let down. Can someone open a decent Asian restaurant/takeaway near my home please?

Tao Peking
158-160 High St, Ruislip
London HA4 8LJ
01895 622062/3
Mon – Thurs 1200 – 1430, 1730 – 2300
Fri – Sat 1200 – 1430, 1730 – 2330
Sun & Bank Holidays 1200 – 1430, 1800 – 2230


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