Chicken Katsu Curry – Asta, Liverpool St


Decided to venture further a field today and recall there are a couple of small takeaway shops in the The Arcade (formerly Metropolitan Railway entrance) on Liverpool Street. Apart from Asta where I bought my lunch, there is another Chinese takeaway, M&S Food, a cafe and some shops.


I think I might have been subconsciously influenced by Mr CSS and his addiction for Katsu Curry Rice. He has been eating the Katsu Curry Rice from Japanika for the past few days for lunch even though he kept complaining that it’s expensive. As a tease, I told him how easy it is to make the Japanese curry sauce at home, even went as far as buy him some to try it out! Mr CSS – You promised you will try to cook it next week, don’t let me down now! So when I walked into Asta, the only item I was interested in was the Katsu Curry Rice, sad but true


More about Asta. The shop occupy 2 units in The Arcade. On the left, you have a refrigerated area with sushi, salad and bento boxes. In the middle section, there is a steamer table with hot food of the day and the left most section is a deli with more westernised items like sandwich and more salad. The menu on Asta’s website shows a good rotation of dishes, might be good to check out the special of the day before going there.


Back to the Chicken Katsu Curry Rice. Strictly speaking, the offer from Asta is not Chicken Katsu Curry Rice. To be fastidious, it should be Chicken Karaage Curry Rice. Why am I throwing a big fuss you might wonder? It’s just crispy chicken. Well, the difference is that a Katsu is usually a breaded cutlet, depending on where you get it, the meat might be reconstituted while a Chicken Karaage is more often than not made from pieces of deboned chicken thigh. Thus more tender and succulent.I like the fact that Asta serves the curry sauce on the side, the chicken does not get soaked in the sauce and lose it’s crunch. Also, you get a choice of white or brown rice. I went with brown, small attempt at trying to be healthy. Apart from that it is a pretty standard curry rice, nothing I can’t replicate at home. But at £6.80 (£0.10 more for brown rice), same price as Japanika, it’s not value for money. I would go to Wasabi anytime, I think you will save over a pound at Wasabi.

4 – 6 The Arcade
Liverpool Street
London EC2M 7PN
0207 626 5660


3 thoughts on “Chicken Katsu Curry – Asta, Liverpool St

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