Dinner for a change – Chez Boom

So the Boom was having a hangover after attending his mate’s wedding so it’s up to moi to cater for dinner. No input from him whatsoever as well so have to pull a ready steady cook moment. Seeing that the sun is out and some herbage in the fridge is past their best, decided to have an Asian style salad.

Asian styled salad with griddle rump steak

Salad Veg

For the salad, clockwise from left. Vine tomatoes, onions, coriander, spring onion, romaine lettuce, cucumber, bean thread noodles.


For the dressing, clockwise from left again. Lime juice, tamarin paste, fish sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, sesame seeds, bird eye chilli (evil buggers, not for the faint hearted), garlic, dried shrimp.

Soak the bean thread vermicelli and dried shrimp in warm water (separately obviously).

Chopped up the salad ingredients reserving the coriander stalk. When the bead thread softens, cut it up roughly with kitchen scissors and drain. Mix in with the chopped up salad.

On to the dressing. Using a pestle and mortar (you can use a food processor if lazy, I find it’s a good anger management tool considering the mood I’m in), bash up the dehydrated dried shrimp, garlic, reserved coriander stalk, sesame seeds and chillies.

Salad dressing in pestle and mortar

All bashed up!

When it’s all bashed up, add brown sugar, tamarin paste, lime juice, fish sauce and sesame oil to taste. The taste you are after is a balance between salty, sweet and sour. Set aside.

3 for 10 cheap meat

El cheapo 3 for 10

On to the protein. As this is a ready steady cook session, decided to use some rump steaks I had in the freezer. Basic salt and pepper job then on to the griddle. When grilled to your idea of doneness, leave to rest then slice it as thin as you can, against the grain (will be more tender if sliced against the grain).

Dress the salad with the dressing, pile on the sliced protein. Garnish with more sesame seeds. Voila!

Asian style salad with sliced rump steak


Taste ok from my point of view. The bean thread noodles was the highlight I think. It gave the salad a chewy textual apart from all the crunch. Could have used more brown sugar to give it a sweeter taste. Missing some basil or mint and definitely could help with some crushed peanuts. But for a ready steady cook attempt, its acceptable. Not great but not a total disaster.


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