Crown Carveries – The Water’s Edge, Ruislip Lido

Traditional roast dinnerI committed a carnal sin today when it comes to food blogging, I forgot to take a picture of what I ate! As the French would say, Mon Dieu! But as I want to get into the habit of posting blogs regularly, I shall persevere! Got some images off the joint’s website. Hope they don’t mind, they probably won’t since I’m giving then a good plug anyways.

So the Boom and I decided to go for a spot of lunch seeing it’s a nice day and I’m working from home. So off we went to Ruislip Lido where a branch of Crown Carveries is located. This branch is in a pub call The Water’s Edge.

A bit about the lido. Though that’s what it’s called, you can’t actually swim in Ruislip Lido, something to do with the quality of the water apparently. But I think the Hillingdon Council has started a project to reinstate swimming and boating. So we shall see. But it has an area where dogs can go have a splash. We used to bring Mr Saucisse here and he can get all wet and mucky. Around the lido, there are picnic areas, mini railway, children’s water fountain and beach play area, woodland for long walks sometimes with long horn cattle… loads more. If you are ever in the area, do pop by. If you are driving, parking can be an issue on weekends. So be warned!

But I digress, this is suppose to be a food blog! Back to Crown Carveries. As I understand it, it is a chain of restaurant which specialises in serving cheap and cheerful traditional roast dinner. They also have other items on the menu like any standard pub chains. Don’t often see people ordering the other stuff though. Most are there for the roast dinner.

For £3.99 from Mon – Sat, you can choose from a choice of 3 roasts, Yorkshire pudding and unlimited serving from a range of vegetable sides. The price goes up slightly on Sundays. How can you beat that! Well, you can go “Kingsize” for £1.50 more and they will give you more meat, a Yorkshire pudding the size of a dinner plate and a sausage on the side. Which was what the Boom and I did, being the gluttons we are! Also, because I offered to pay. Boom the cheap skate!

So how does it work? Well, you go into the place, go to the bar and tell the staff tending the bar what you would like. I would recommend ordering drinks at this point. After paying for your order, the bar staff will hand you a receipt. Go find a table and reserve it with your drink (you don’t want to be in a position where you are carrying a plate heaving with roast and veg and have no place to sit).

Then you go queue up at the carving station and when it comes to your turn, tell the carver what you would like, all of one roast, some of each or whatever combination you prefer. Then you move to the veg area and load whatever space is left on your plate. Not to worry if you run out of space, the servings for veg is unlimited so you can always come back for more later. The last thing you need to do is peruse the gravy and condiments table. Here you will find a heated gravy pot, bowls of mustard, horseradish, mint sauce etc. Get whatever suits your fancy and once again, you can always get more later. Finally walk back to the table you have reserved with your drink earlier, sit and its chow down time. There, job done!

Prime Turkey Breast

The turkey looked exactly like what we had today. Even the sign is the same

The 3 roast on offer today was Honey Glazed Gammon, Roast Prime of Turkey Breast and bog standard Roast Beef. We both had the turkey and roast beef as we know the gammon tend to be on the salty side. Yes, we have eaten here umpteen times before. As we went “Kingsize”, we each got a slice more of each roast as compared to the regular £3.99 deal and the aforementioned giant Yorkshire pudding and sausage.


Unlimited serving, eat as much as you want

On to the green stuff. The selection today includes baked stuffing (meh!), sliced carrots (meh!), cubed boiled swede (blak!), roast spuds (not bad), cauliflower cheese (my fav!), corn kernels (typical), peas (typical) and mash. I’m not a big roast spud fan so only took 2, loaded my plate with cauliflower cheese and a bit of peas and corn kernels. Not too sure what the Boom got as I was too busy eating my roast.

There was a surprise at the gravy and condiments area. Usually there is only 1 gravy, there were 2 today. A typical roast gravy and a slightly sweet cranberry one. I drowned my kingsize Yorkshire pudding roast gravy and got some mustard and horseradish on the side.

So how does it taste like you ask? Well, the turkey and beef today was actually rather good. The other times we went, it tends to be on the dry side. Perhaps it’s because it was pretty crowded today and there is a faster turn over for the roast. The gravy is flavoursome but needed a bit of salt. I love my salt! The cauliflower cheese today was a bit lackluster. Not as cheesy as I remembered. The Yorkshire pudding was yum! Crunchy and light, the parts soaked in gravy is nice and chewy. Though the sausage looks dry it was not, the Boom and I were pleasantly surprised.

Not surprisingly, we did not managed to finish the whole plate. I gave up leaving 2 slices of beef, a slice of turkey and a quarter of the Yorkshire pudding. The Boom did slightly better finishing all his beef and most of his pudding. None of us entertained getting more veg. Mr Saucisse lucked out tonight as we packed the leftover meat for him. Loving owners we are.

So if you are after a filling, bog standard traditional roast and have a Crown Carveries close by, give it a try! It is what it is for the price you pay.

Crown Carveries – The Water’s Edge
Reservoir Road
01895 625241
Breakfast 0900 – 1100
Carvery 1100 – 2130
Pub 1100 – 2230


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