My very first post – Laksa from KeKe

Keke Laksa 2 Aug 2012I have had the laksa from Keke’s a couple of times and it has since become my go to laksa joint for lunch. It’s costs £5.80 and is usually served with rice noodles but I asked to swap the rice noodles with thin egg noodles and the lady behind the counter greatly obliged.

Apart from noodles, other condiments include sliced chicken breast, bean sprouts, fried bean curd, spring onion and sliced red chillies. The gravy is rich and coconutty and is not overly spicy, well at least to me! Portion is very generous, even by my standards.

Keke is one of a handful of food stalls located in Spitalfields Market. Unlike the rest of the stalls, food at Keke is made to order. Other options at Keke include a selection of dishes served with rice or noodles, lo mein and dim sum. In fact just last week, I had the roast duck and honey pork lo mein with broad egg noodles and that was pretty good as well. Pity I did not take a picture of it.

The way you order at Keke is also pretty interesting. You walk up to the lady at the counter, tell her what you would like, she will take a copy of the menu which is also a checklist, checks what you want, tear off the perforated bottom portion which contain a number. The main portion is handled to the kitchen while you keep the bottom portion. Pay and stand by the side while your order is made in the little kitchen behind the counter. Order usually takes about 5 minutes to cook so you can use that time to look at what the rest of Spitalfields Market has to offer. I used my time today to go to the hole in the wall. When your order is ready, the lady will call your number and you walk up and collect your lunch

As far as I know, Keke only serves the lunchtime crowd during weekdays. By the time I’m off work around 5 o’clock, they would be closed. Not sure about weekends though. Please leave a comment if opening hours are different during the weekend

Pavilion SP4
Old Spitalfields Market
10 Horner Squaare
London E1 6EW
020 7375 2002


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